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We offer to small and medium sized businesses the option of choosing custom software over third party (make it work) software. Your business software is a tool, it is supposed to make your workload manageable and responsive to your needs. Whether you need a complete Enterprise Application and just want to add functionality to your existing databases, Just Written Software has the solution for your business.
A brief overview of the
application development process:

Initial Consultation
Just Written Software meets with a client to determine project scope, desired timeframe, and budget. Functional requirements are specified by the client, and documented by Just Written Software.

Initial Estimates
Just Written Software determines initial estimates for the project and presents these estimates in a proposal to a client.

Contract Negotiation and Signing
Just Written Software negotiates a contract with a client, and an agreement is reached on rates, timeframe, and delivery date.

Project Workplan
Just Written Software determines required tasks to meet the project's functional requirements. Each task is budgeted in terms of hours, resources, and date complete. Task dependencies are identified and a workplan is created according to the specified tasks and available resources.

Functional Design
All functional aspects and areas are documented and presented to the client for approval.

Technical Design
All technical aspects are documented and presented to the client for approval.

Creation of Beta Application
The application is built and issued for demonstration purposes and presented to the client for additional design review.

Design Review
Client reviews functional and technical design documentation and model. Design issues are identified, resolved, and documentation is updated.

Application Testing
Each module is programmed and thoroughly tested.

System Testing
The application modules are combined into a single environment, then tested as a whole.

System Review
Client tests the completed system. Issues are addressed, and desired enhancements are documented.
There is no basic timeframe, application development can be as quick as 2 weeks or as long as 4 months, all due to functionality complexity. Cost of application development varies greatly, our average applications (one license, non-networked) cost between $2000-4500.

Just Written Software has the solution for your business.

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