As the Internet continues to grow, websites find more creative ways to capture user information and even more creative ways to market this information. Just Written Software understands when someone uses the Internet they give information to anyone who can avail themselves of the right technology. The same is true with any public conveyance, the major difference is the amount of information and what type. Most information we give is controlled by us, (i.e. how we dress, speak and act or react), but on the Internet the information is collected without our knowledge or control. Most consumers have no idea of the amount of information that can be collected and the various methods (legal or otherwise).

Until there is an accepted standard Just Written Software has adopted the 'open source' privacy. We tell the consumer (Web Surfer) exactly what information we collect and what we do with that information. We urge other responsible companies to do the same.

When you click on to the Just Written Software site we collect the following:
  • Your ISP address
  • The referring website
  • Your browser configuration
  • Your screen resolution
  • Your color settings

Once your information has been entered into a demographics database, your specific information is deleted.

The information collected from our contact pages is considered private and confidential. We will never sell, trade, transfer or release your personal information, including E-Mail addresses.

Just Written Software has the solution for your business.

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