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About Just Written Software

When the computer world was young and no-one had ever heard of a GUI, Jerry Sheetz started a small company dedicated to making the computer a tool instead of something created to drive the normal human crazy. Jerry believes that applications should do what the client wants, not what a generic vanilla application tries to do to fit all. Since then Just Written Software has gone on to produce some of the finest custom software written.

Just Track This © This application module for Ageless Awnings is a complete operating system for a medium sized service related business. Just Track This © has been distributed to Oregon, Wisconsin and Florida, with nothing but RAVE reviews!!

If you own a service related business let us show you a system that "works". It can operate your chain of stores from a single location; with a few clicks of the mouse customized reports would summarize your business status. Compare monthly reports, or employee cost/production to A/R A/P within one program interface.

Just Track This © the complete software package for any service related business.

Just Written Software has the solution for your business.

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